: Apolo :
Species: Harbor Seal (Phoca vitulina)

5-28-12: A male Harbor Seal pup was found on the beach in Tyonek. Michael Betzolb reported the seal to the Alaska SeaLife Center's 24-hour stranded hotline, where he was instructed to observe the pup overnight.

5-29-12: The pup - named Apolo - was still on the beach this morning, with no sign of its mother. With the ASLC's authorization, Michael contained Apolo and flew it to Anchorage. Thank you to Michael for his observations and assistance in rescuing and transporting the pup, and to Spernak Airways, Inc. for caring for Apolo until ASLC rehabilitation staff could arrive in Anchorage.

5-30-12: Apolo was underweight and dehydrated when he arrived at the Alaska SeaLife Center. He is getting subcutaneous fluids twice a day to help hydrate him. Despite his malnourishment, Apolo is very feisty!

6-2-12: Apolo is getting supervised swim time before each feed, although he spends most of his time in the water suckling on his own flippers.

6-7-12: Today Apolo began spending the warmer part of the day outside in his own condo. He also has been transitioned to a fish formula that will help get his digestive system used to fish.

6-13-12: Apolo is now eating live fish! He is one step closer to being weaned, which would typically happen at 4-6 weeks of age in the wild.

6-17-12: Last night Apolo ate the pieces of herring that were offered to him. Today herring will be integrated into his daily feeding plan.

6-23-12: Today will be Apolo's first day with a full herring diet. He is eating well, and it's time for him to be weaned.

6-28-12: Apolo has been fully weaned, and now lives in a larger pool with full water access throughout the day.

7-4-12: Happy 4th! Apolo now shares a pool with Picabo - they are celebrating by eating plenty of fish and gaining weight!

7-11-12: Apolo is well on his way to being released. Release criteria include a weight of 25 kg, passing a final veterinary exam and being able to compete and forage for fish.

7-13-12: Today a tag was applied to one of Apolo's rear flippers to help identify him after his release.

7-18-12: Apolo has been moved to the big pre-release pool to socialize with other seals and compete for fish with minimal human interaction.

8-5-12: Today Apolo had his pre-release bloodwork done. Results are in - he is healthy and will be released with Hurdles tomorrow in Homer, AK.

8-6-12: Apolo and Hurdles were released today! Apolo has been fitted with a satellite tag so his location can be tracked. The tag will stay on his fur for up to a year, until he molts.


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