: Sydney :
Species: Harbor Seal (Phoca vitulina)

6-15-12: A female harbor seal pup was found in the mud at Pilot Point. Her mother did not return to her after a period of observation, and it was decided she should be brought to the Alaska SeaLife Center's rehabilitation facility. Thank you to Brad, who observed the pup and started her on her journey, and to PenAir for providing transportation to Anchorage.

6-17-12: The pup, named Sydney, received a thorough veterinary exam when she arrived at the ASLC. Her bloodwork looks good, and she is estimated to be about five days old.

6-23-12: Sydney has started fish school! She is already tracking live fish during her swim times.

6-28-12: Sydney caught on to eating fish very early on. Since she is so young, she will be transitioned slowly to a full diet of fish.

7-4-12: Happy 4th! Sydney is celebrating the holiday by eating plenty of fish and gaining weight!

7-11-12: Sydney has started a course of antibiotics this past week. During routine blood work, veterinarian staff found she had an elevated white blood cell count - this is an indication of infection.

7-18-12: Sydney was treated for lice this past week. Tomorrow she will have blood taken to determine if she is ready to be off antibiotics.

7-22-12: Sydney's blood work looks good! She no longer needs to be on antibiotics.

8-5-12: Sydney is thriving. Her caretakers hope to move her to a bigger pool over the next few days so she can socialize with Moe and Flo Jo.

9-1-12: Sydney has been spending the last few weeks in a series of pre-release pools. She's been socializing with the rest of the seals from the Bristol Bay area, and is competing well for fish.

9-10-12: Sydney, Moe and Flo Jo are expected to be released on September 16, pending a final blood work up.

9-16-12: The three seals from the Egegik area have been released back to the wild - all went well.


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