: Vela :
Species: White Winged Scoter (Melanitta fusca)

1/31/14: Vela is on a plane today, all the way to Cincinnati Zoo! She will be cared for at the zoo with their collection of water foul. Safe travels!

10/12/13: UPDATE: The scoter, named Vela, has had a lot going on over the past few months. She had multiple surgeries to clean and close up the wounds she arrived at ASLC with. Her feathers were damaged upon arrival - since then she has molted and grown in new feathers. Her primary wing feathers, however, grew in a way that would prevent her from flying well. With the inability to get away from predators or be as mobile as other ducks, she is a poor release candidate and will have to be placed.

6/24/13: The Scoter is starting to eat by herself off of the floor of her enclosure. The food that has been set out for her on trays has been played with, her favorite seems to be Krill! She has also started quietly vocalizing when people approach her, which is a good sign.

6/22/13: The Scoter spent most of the day sleeping today, and staff were able to examine her wound more closely. A topical anti-parasitic spray has been added to it's treatment regime to prevent an infection. It was also determined that the Scoter is a mature adult Female.

6/21/13: The Scoter was given the opportunity to swim today. It spent a good amount of time in the water and seemed to be preening well after it's swim. Our staff has been tubing the bird a fish based slurry, and offering whole fish that the Scoter is able to swallow with a little assistance.

6/20/13: A White Winged Scoter was found washed up on the beach with a large puncture wound on the left side of it's body. Many thanks to Cindy Harolsen, an experienced bird rehabber, for collecting the Scoter and bringing it to the ASLC's Rehabilitation Facility.


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