: Chiidax :
Species: Northern Fur Seal (Callorhinus ursinus)

9/22/13:The enclosure the fur seal has been living in has been increased in size to include part of the hallway. This give him more space to play, and allows staff to keep an eye on him more easily. He has had some very promising short swims in one of the large pools just yesterday!!

9/16/13: The fur seal has shown a few signs of gastric upset this week. He vomited once and has sad some regurge with feeds, so Vet staff have adjusted his medications to help soothe his stomach. Swims are still going well, we are getting down to temperatures almost as cold as those he would swim in in our large pool!

9/9/13: Staff have slowly stared making the water the fur seal swims in deeper and colder. He is acclimating well, and we hope to have him swimming in one of our large indoor pools soon!

9/2/13: The fur seal is beginning to show some interest in fish. He has been getting small live salmon in his tote during his swim, and recently he has started tracking them underwater, and occasionally catching them. Right now he sees them as a toy, but we hope this is a prelude to him learning to eat fish!

8/26/13: Staff have observed some nasal discharge and eye goop after the fur sea wakes up from a nap, so hes been given an oral antibiotic to help with any infections that may be lingering. He has also been decrease to feeds 5 times a day instead of 6, as he has show signs that he will be able to handle a greater volume of food at each feed.

8/20/13: Blood was drawn today to check and see if we can discontinue any of the fur seal's medications.

8/19/13: Grates have been added to cover the floor of the fur seal's enclosure. This should help keep him up off the slippery deck and decrease his foot sores. Hi formula has increased in fat content and the volume per feed has also increased. He seems to be handling it well, and is gaining weight nicely.

8/15/13: Today was a very busy day for the little fur seal. In the morning he had blood drawn, a full physical, and a barium x ray study done to look at the shape of his esophagus. He had been favoring his rear right flipper, but vet staff couldn't find anything wrong with it. In the afternoon he had a bath and a long swim. What a day!

8/12/13: There has been moderate success with the bottle feeding, but not enough to discontinue tube feeding him as his main source of calories. He is becoming very curious, and occasionally approaching people when they enter his enclosure.

8/8/13: Attempts to get the fur seal to suckle from a bottle have been made over the past few days, but he seems to be showing no interest. He continues to have occasional episodes of regurgitation, but overall his behavior suggests he feels much better. He has been swimming about every 2 hours.

8/4/13: Staff found vomit on the floor of the fur seal's enclosure this morning. He has been prescribed antibiotics, and an injectable gastric motility drug to help with his GI issues.

8/3/13: The fur seal formula has been adjusted to deliver a higher calorie content within the same volume,and he seems to be doing well with it. He has also been administered an ointment for the seal equivalent of diaper rash.

8/1/13: Staff have been observing the Fur Seal's body temperature and fecal matter closely. Based on changes to his poop, and his ability to maintain a solid body temp, and occasionally regurgitating formula after feeds, we have made some changes to the fur seal's formula. Staff have also been experimenting with different bite blocks to use while feeding the seal to find the least stressful way to deliver his formula. The fur seal has been put on Simethicone and Sucralfate, drugs to help with gas ans GI distress.

7/29/13: A mirror has been added to the Fur Seal's enclosure so that he feels as though there is another seal in the room with him, as he would be living with many other pups in the wild. He really enjoys vocalizing at it.

7/27/13: The little Fur Seal seems to be doing well. He is tubing well at all his feeds, and staff have started giving him supervised swim time. He is still unsure about the water, but we are confident he will learn to love the water.

7/25/13: Staff observed the pup overnight, and he seems to be doing very well. His temperature has been fairly steady, and we have been giving him hot water bottles to maintain a good body temperature. He really enjoys snuggling with the water bottles, and has been spotted napping on them throughout the day.

7/24/13: An Official from the Alaska Fish and Game Department near Sand Point Alaska contacted the SeaLife Center about an orphaned Northern Fur Seal pup. The pup was flown to Anchorage, where a team from the Alaska SeaLife Center's Rehabilitation Department picked up the pup and performed an exam. The pup is a male, he is 4.3 kg and was mildly dehydrated upon landing. Staff have been tubing him fluids every few hours to rehydrate him, and will examine blood and fecal samples to determine if he needs medication.


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