: Luna :
Species: Greater Scaup (Aythya marila)

9/26/13--Luna was released today around Mile 15 along with Sol. They were released near some other wild ducks, and they immediately joined the flock.

9/24/13--Luna is eating very well in her pool with Sol. They were evaluated for release today, and looks like it could happen soon!

9/22/13--As Luna and Sol are getting along so well we are now feeding all their food off one tray instead of two.

9/18/13--The ducklings are eating so well that staff have increased their daily amount of food.

9/13/13--Staff thought they heard the ducklings vocalizing for the first time today!

9/12/13--Luna moved into a room with a larger pool today, seems to be adjusting well.

9/10/13-- The Scaup, named Luna< seems to be eating krill and some small fish, so she will no longer be tubed.

9/7/13 The Scaup is being tubed a fish gruel as she is not eating on her own. While her waterproofing is improving, she is still very damp after she exits the water.

9/5/13--A young Scaup was brought to the Center. Staff are observing her to ensure she is preening, but her waterproofing looks like it wil need a lot of work.


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