: Basil :
Species: Harbor Seal (pup)

6/10 - Basil was observed by Cy St-Amand and LA Holmes, members of the Homer Stranding Network. After consulting with the SeaLife Center, Cy and LA transported Basil to Seward while maintaining excellent care along the way. Upon arrival, Basil was examined, weighed (7.7 kilograms), and tubed an electrolyte solution.

6/11 – Basil’s temperature, defecation, and urination are being constantly monitored. This morning his temperature was slightly low so a heating pad was added to his enclosure.

6/15 – Basil is still being closely monitored for defecation and urination. Today, he swam in warmed water briefly.

6/23 – Today, Basil weighs 8.85 kilograms. His umbilicus (area where umbilical cord was attached) is now completely healed.

6/30 – Basil continues to receive nutrients from harbor seal formula through a tube inserted down his throat into his stomach.

7/12 – Basil weighs 12.1 kilograms today. Basil ate fish on his own today.

7/20 – Basil is enjoying his stay in the ‘condos’ – enclosures that have both a pool and a deck. Rocks have been added to his enclosure to mimic natural conditions.

7/30 – Basil now spends his days exploring a deeper pool with other seals in close proximity.

8/10 - Basil now shares pools with Juniper, another harbor seal. Since Juniper is at a similar weight, they both will have to forage competitively for fish. Once they gain more weight they will begin socializing with additional seals.

8/15 – Basil continues to explore pool areas with Juniper.

8/17 – Basil weighs 24.8 kilograms today.

8/21 – Basil now shares an enclosure with three other harbor seals - Juniper, Poppy, and Curry.

9/1 – Basil actively competes with the other seals for food – eating predominately herring.

9/15 – Basil is now in the largest pool preparing for release. He actively swims and explores.

9/21 – Basil is now ready for release. He has passed his final blood tests, clearing him of all diseases. Staff have used morphometric and ultrasound measurements to determine that his body condition is healthy. A satellite tag has been glued to the fur on Basil’s back. The tag will fall off once Basil molts (sheds his fur – a yearly process). Until then, the tag will relay information to satellites letting staff know his location.

9/22 - Weighing 30.0 kilograms and 102 centimeters long, Basil was released with Juniper in Anchor Point, Alaska.

9/27 - Basil's satellite tag continues to share information with staff. Basil is currently travelling toward Homer.

10/10 - Basil is currently near Homer.

10/23 - Basil continues to explore areas near Homer.

11/5 - Basil continues to explore areas near Homer.


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