: Clover :
Species: Harbor Seal (pup)

6/3 - Clover stranded on the Homer spit near a busy construction site. He was seen swimming near shore alone. After observations, Clover was picked up by stranding network volunteers, Cy St-Amand and LA Holmes, and driven to Seward. Clover was admitted weighing 9.3 kilograms with his umbilical cord still present.

6/8 – Clover weighs 10.2 kilograms today. He is being tubed a harbor seal formula multiple times a day. He is allowed to swim in warmed while supervised in his tote.

6/15 – Clover was moved outside today to a condo – a habitat where he will have access to water and deckspace. He is still being fed a harbor seal formula and is listed as stable.

6/25 – Clover weighs 13.4 kilograms today. His right eye is showing sign of infection and his temperature is elevated.

6/27 – Clover is now receiving medications for his eye.

7/6 – Clover weighs 15.1 kilograms today. Clover continues to receive medications for his eyes.

7/16 – Clover is tracking live salmon which is a step toward being weaned onto fish.

7/25 – Clover is interested in fish still, but not yet eating them on his own.

7/31 – Both of Clover’s eyes are now being treated with medications. He has been moved into fresh water to relieve the sting of salt water. His eyes are improving slowly.

8/11 – Big news! Clover has finally got the hang of eating fish and is foraging well on his own. He is the only seal that we had to assist feed, most likely due to his eye problems. He will continue in a condo as long as he is on medications.

8/20 – Clover continues to receive eye medications.

9/8 – Clover has moved into a larger pool to allow him to swim more. He continues to swim in fresh water only.

10/6 - Clover recently visited Dr. Jim Gaarder an eye specialist in Anchorage, Alaska. After treatment his eyes have improved! Today he moved into a salt water pool to swim with Ginger, a ringed seal.

10/12 - Clover's eyes are doing very well even as he swims in very silty water resulting from a recent flood in Seward.

10/14 - Clover's eyes continue to look great. Clover had a blood sample taken today. Results show that he is ready for release!

10/27 - Clover has passed his final blood tests, clearing him of all diseases. Staff have used morphometric and ultrasound measurements to determine that his body condition is healthy. A satellite tag has been glued to the fur on Clover’s back. The tag will fall off once Clover molts (sheds his fur – a yearly process). Until then, the tag will relay information to satellites letting staff know his location. 10/28 – Clover was released today in Cook Inlet near Gull Island. His satellite tag continues to relay information about his location to staff.


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