: Keno :
Species: Harbor Seal

Keno is the newest pup in rehabilitation; he arrived on June 14th after he was spotted by a Kenai branch member of the ASLC's stranding network. Keno still had remnants of his umbilicus attached, confirming the conjecture that he is most likely a healthy pup separated from his mother. He is now fed formula through a tube five times a day. When he gets a little bigger, he will be moved to the outdoor condos.

Keno is developing healthily and rapidly. He's is now a 16 kilogram pup. Housed with Lego and Blackjack in an outdoor pool, Keno must compete for his share of the 2.2 kilograms herring meals delivered thrice daily. Hopefully, Keno will be big enough for release near Homer in early September.

Keno was released on September 6th off Bishop's Beach in Homer Alaska. He was equippet with a spot 4 satallite tag. Follow the links to see tracking data and release photos.


: Tracking Data :
Satellite Tracking Map

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