: Jet :
Species: Harbor Seal pup (Phoca vitulina)

Jet was monitored for multiple days by April LeFevere of Egegik.

June 28: Jet arrived in Anchorage and was transported to the SeaLife Center. He weighs 8.4 kilograms. He is underweight and dehydrated. He is approximately 7 - 10 days old.

June 30: Jet continues to be monitored closely. He is currently given antibiotics twice a day. In addition to fluids received during tube feeding, he also receives fluids subcutaneously twice a day. He weighs 8.7 kilograms.

July 3: Jet's temperature was higher today. Staff placed ice in his tote to keep him cool.

July 13: Jet weighs 8.8 kilograms. He now swims in water that is over his head. He continues to be on antibiotics.

July 20: Jet weighs 9.5 kilograms. He ate 1200 grams of herring.

July 24: Jet weighs 9.8 kilograms. He ate 1250 grams of herring.

July 30: Jet weighs 10.0 kilograms. He ate small herring pieces today! Congratulations Jet!

August 3: Jet ate 1050 grams of herring today.

August 12: Jet now resides in a much deeper pool that he shares with Onyx and Marble. He actively forages for fish.

August 22: Jet weighs 15.9 kilograms today.

August 24: Jet's environment was rearranged today to enrich his life in captivity.

September 1: Jet weighs 19.7 kilograms.

September 9: Jet weighs 22.5 kilograms. He interacted well with an enrichment toy - a block of ice.

September 14: Morphometric measurements were taken today. Jet is 91 centimeters lon.

September 20: Jet was released today in Naknek with Copper.


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