: Quartz :
Species: Ringed Seal Juvenile (Phoca hispada)

Quartz was originally called in by Environmental Advisor Geoff Kany and Environmental Specialist, Alex Reyes of BP. The Alaska SeaLife Center flew to Prudhoe Bay to pick up the seal and return it to Seward.

January 13: Quartz arrived at the SeaLife Center weighing 25.7 kilograms. He had a number of lacerations on his face, jaw, and flippers. To rehydrate him, Quartz was tube fed an electrolyte solution.

January 16: Today, Quartz was sedated to allow veterinarians to get a close and thorough look at his wounds.

January 17: Quartz ate fish on his own today!

February 7: X-rays indicate that Quartz's upper right jaw has a small fracture.

March 1: Quartz ate 1992 grams of herring today.

March 8: Quartz has been moved into the largest rehab pool which is six feet deep and 20 feet in diameter.

April 4: Quartz was treated for parasites today.

April 25: Quartz weighs 37.4 kilograms today.

May 1: Quartz is spending more time on the deck that surrounds his pool. Hair has been found on the deck indicating that he might be completing his yearly molt.

May 14: Quartz ate 1412 grams of herring today. He received a vitamin as well which was hidden in one of the fish.

May 21: Quartz has been found spending a lot of time on the deck beside his pool. He continues to eat well.

May 27: Staff continue to monitor the ice pack to determine when Quartz can be returned to the wild. Currently, conditions are not appropriate. Quartz ate 1430 grams of herring today.

June 2: Quartz is actively swimming in his pool. He prefers to sleep under a fish tote which floats in the water.

June 10: Quartz is spending most of his time underneath a tote that is floating in his pool.

June 17: Preparations are being made for Quartz's release. He has passed all medical and behavioral tests for release.

June 19: Quartz was released in Prudhoe Bay. Special thanks to BP for all their efforts in assisting with his release.


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