: Machu Picchu - PV1404 :
Species: Pacific Harbor Seal (Phoca vitulina)

5/21/14 - A seal pup was found late in the evening by a group of kayakers at Northwestern Glacier in Resurrection Bay. The pup was skinny, and was approaching people.

5/22/14 - An ASLC Stranding staff member was sent out to the glacier to assess the pup this evening. The pup has been there for over 24 hours, and was determined to be abandoned. It was brought back to ASLC for rehabilitation.

5/25/14 - After a veterinary admit exam, the male pup seems to be in good health. He will be monitored closely, and have routine health exams to track his progress.

5/27/14 - Each year, the rehabilitation animals are named within a theme. The theme for this year is International Landmarks. This pup was given the name Machu Picchu. This name was chosen by Chuck and Shirley Coulson, who made a generous donation to our rehabilitation program this year. Thank you for your donation!

5/29/14 - All of the rehabilitating seals at ASLC will have a vet check-up this weekend to make sure they haven't developed any health concerns.

6/8/14 - At the last check-up it was determined that the seal has a mild case of colitis, meaning he has some trouble digesting his food. He has been started on a few medications, and is slowly being transitioned to a fish formula that will prepare his stomach for when he starts to eat fish.

6/10/14 - Machu Picchu had more x-rays today. The Vet staff used barium to help create more contrast on the x-rays and give us a better picture of his GI system. All results were normal.

6/21/14 - Machu Picchu has started eating fish! He has been weaned off his fish formula and is now consuming herring about 5 times a day! He is also spending nice days in an outdoor enclosure called a condo.

6/30/14 - Machu Picchu is doing very well in his condo, eating fish quickly and gaining weight steadily. Staff hope to move him to a slightly larger pool very soon.

7/4/14 - Happy 4th of July! Machu Picchu is celebrating with lots of ice on the deck of his new ODL pool! He moved in a few days ago and is doing great!

7/6/14 - Machu Picchu gained a roommate today, Vesuvius! Because both seals are from the same area, and are both considered healthy, they can live together and add a component of competition during feeds just like they will have with other seals in the wild! Staff will monitor them to endure both seals are eating and that there are no aggressive interactions.

7/16/14 - A lot has happened over the last week or so! Machu Picchu had a blood draw to ensure that he is completely healthy, was flipper tagged in preparation for his release, and moved to a larger pool with Machu Picchu, where staff plan to have Everest and Tigris join them soon! His flipper tag is in his Left rear flipper because he is a male, and is #ASLC 131.

7/22/14 - Everest and Tigris joined Machu Pichu and Vesuvius in room 130 today. the large pool is great for several seals, and they are all competing well at feeds, which are done with our fish cannon! The fish cannon is a hose that is wide enough for fish to be pushed down it via running water. this system enables staff to feed the seals without the seals ever seeing a person!

7/29/14 - Little Machu Picchu is not so little any more! At his last weigh in he was 23.2 kg, or 51 pounds!!! He and the other seals had a nice cool down with some ice to play with on their deck today, and they all are eating well.

8/2/14 - Happy Rehab Race Day!! Today runners in Seward and around the country helped raise money to help the ASLC care for and release animals just like Machu Picchu, so thank you!

8/12/14 - Today, staff applied a satellite tag to the fur of Machu Picchu's back. The tag sits on bright orange mesh, that helps the tag stay attached until Machu Picchu molts his coat next year. It also has a transmitter will give us his location, and you can follow Machu Picchu's progress right here on the ASLC website!

8/19/2014 - Today staff and interns from the Alaska SeaLife Center's Wildlife Response Team released Machu Picchu into the beautiful water of Northwestern Glacier. He hopped right out of the kennel and swam off with only a short look back at the boat. A huge Thank You goes out to Major Marine Tours who generously donated the transportation for the seal out to the glacier, Thank you!! Good luck in the wild Machu Picchu!


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