: Kilimanjaro--PV 1414 :
Species: Pacific Harbor Seal (Phoca vitulina)

6/30/14 - A small pup was seen alone in South Naknek, and after consulting with the Alaska SeaLife Center, was picked up. A huge thank you goes out to both Grant Aviation and Pen Air, as they both donated flights to get the seal to Anchorage. Our staff picked up the animal in Anchorage, and brought it to our Rehabilitation facility in Seward. The pup was only mildly dehydrated, but was still underweight. Vet staff determined that she is another girl!

7/4/14 - Happy 4th of July! Our pup had a vet exam a few days ago, and the main things staff are watching are her slightly goopy eyes, and an inflamed umbilical cord remnant. She is having her umbilical cord palpated at every feed, and is being treated with eyedrops.

7/10/14 - This little girl has been responding very well to her treatments! She no longer needs the eyedrops, and she is on a milder antibiotic. With all the progress she is making, staff thought it was time she started swimming, and she loves it! She has also been given a name, Kilimanjaro!

7/17/14 - Kilimanjaro started eating fish today!! During her first fish school, she seemed interested in the live salmon, but at the second, she ate all the herring pieces given to her. She will be transitioning to an all fish diet over the next few days.

7/20/14 - After a recheck by the vets, Kilimanjaro is off all her medications! The next step will be for her to move outside to a condo!