Help the Alaska SeaLife Center to Help Endangered Steller Sea Lions and Other North Pacific Wildlife

Your contribution today will help us gain a better understanding of why species like the Steller sea lion have experienced recent and sometimes drastic periods of decline.  Through projects like the Steller sea lion web camera at Chiswell, direct rehabilitation of sick, injured, and orphaned marine mammals and birds, and innovative conservation and ocean education programs for youth and adults, the Alaska SeaLife Center is on the forefront of answering the call to conservation of northern ocean creatures and habitats. 

In addition to our mission of research, rehabilitation, conservation and education, contributions will also support our efforts for continued and expanded web streaming of Steller sea lion video and video of other species live from our exhibits -- or from the animals’ ocean homes.


Please consider sending your donation, of any amount, payable to the “Alaska SeaLife Center,” in care of:

Alaska SeaLife Center
Attn: Alaska SeaLife Center, Steller Cam Initiative
PO Box 1329,
Seward, Alaska 99664-1329 , USA

The Alaska SeaLife Center accepts donations in support of its work via PayPal, credit card (no Pay Pal account needed), securities, or bequests.   Please contact Amy Haddow, 1+907-224-6304, amy_haddow@alaskasealife.org for further information. 

The Alaska SeaLife Center is a United States registered 501-(c)(3) non profit with a mission of research, marine mammal and bird rehabilitation, conservation and public education.  The Alaska SeaLife Center’s U.S. Tax Identification Number is 92-0132479.   Donations to the Alaska SeaLife Center are tax deductible in the United States.  We appreciate your donation and generous commitment to North Pacific wildlife.  Thank you.