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Join the Alaska SeaStars and help provide food and care for the resident, research, and rehabilitation animals at the

Alaska SeaLife Center!

The Alaska SeaLife Center in Seward has a four-part mission of marine research, wildlife rehabilitation, conservation, and public education.  But in order to achieve this mission, the Center must be able to feed and care for the many marine creatures that come through its doors.  As a non-profit organization, we do this through the generosity of friends like you. 

Select a species
Please order by Wednesday, December 17 for Christmas delivery.

How can your contribution help?
$50 can provide two weeks of formula for a seal pup…
$75 will buy a year’s supply of food for two wolf eels…
$100 can purchase a week’s worth of food for a rescued sea otter…
$125 will buy a year’s worth of food for all of the sea stars in the Discovery Pool…
$225 will feed a giant Pacific octopus for a month…
$500 can cover airfare to bring a stranded walrus to the Center…
$1,000 can provide transportation necessary to release an animal back into the wild.

As a supporting contributor of our Alaska SeaStars Program with a minimum donation of $50, you will receive the following:

  1. A glossy photo of one of our resident, research, or rehabilitation animals—choose a Pacific walrus, ringed seal, rockfish, wolf eel, harbor seal, sea otter, giant Pacific octopus, Steller sea lion, sea star, or skate
  2. A fact sheet about that species
  3. A customized certificate of appreciation
  4. A letter of receipt since your contribution is tax deductible


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