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Aquarium Map
Aquarium Map
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Aquarium Map

1 Bering Sea This interactive exhibit helps you learn about one of the world’s most important marine ecosystems.

2 Bering Sea Research Room Explore research on the dramatic changes currently taking place in this unique ecosystem.

3 Fishes of the Bering Sea Some of the most commercially important species of fish in the world live in these deep waters.

4 Feature Creature A special display of small marine animals.

5 Kelp Forest Thick seaweed and rocky terrain provide a home for colorful rockfish, anemones and other shallow water dwellers.

6 Exxon Valdez Oil Spill: The Continuing Legacy Listen to information on wildlife affected by the 1989 oil spill.

7 Rehabilitation See updates on the Center’s rehabilitation animals.

8 Discovery Pool Enjoy a close encounter with sea creatures in open pools.

9 Research Theater Watch continually playing films on Center research.

10 Giant Pacific Octopus Don’t miss our young octopus on display.

11 Research Deck Overlook Animals involved in research may be housed in pools on the Research Deck.

12 Eider Duck Research Kiosk Learn about our research and conservation efforts for this threatened species.

13 Wet Lab Overlook View one of the Center’s interior research areas.

The Rocky Coast Gallery

14 Seabird Habitat The seabird exhibit has the deepest seabird pool (21 feet) in the U.S. Several bird species including puffins, red-legged Kittiwakes, common murres, black oystercatchers and pigeon guillemots live and breed in this 105,000 gallon exhibit.

15 Steller Sea Lion Habitat Watch sea lions swim and sun themselves on the rocks in this 162,000 gallon habitat that
resembles sea lion haul-outs found in Resurrection Bay.

16 Harbor Seal Habitat This 90,000 gallon harbor seal habitat resembles the rocky coastline and allows you to see seals up close.
of less conspicuous marine creatures found along the coastline from the intertidal zone to sea bottom.

17 A Closer Look A series of small aquariums show the wealth of less conspicuous marine creatures found along the coastline from the intertidal zone to sea bottom.

18 Alaska’s Pacific Salmon: The Cycle of Life Follow the perilous life journey of the Pacific salmon.

19 Resurrection Bay Overlook Look for sea lions, sea otters, whales and other birds and animals in their natural habitat right outside the Center. You can also see our salmon rearing tanks to the left as well as Steller South Beach—a fully equipped facility for research on wild sea lions.

Windows to the Sea

20 Pacific “Giant” Squid Meet Alaska’s largest squid species.

21 Harbor Bottom Life See the fish and invertebrates that make their homes beneath the boats in Seward’s harbor.

22 Deep Gulf Alaska king crabs and other creatures of the deep.

23 “Windows to the Sea” Underwater Viewing Gallery
Watch seabirds, sea lions and harbor seals fly in underwater skies!

24 Denizens of the Deep Rocky caves make a perfect habitat and hiding place for octopuses and other marine animals.

25 Chiswell Island Interactive Rookery View LIVE video footage from a Steller sea lion rookery in the Gulf of Alaska, and learn more about Steller research.

26 Film Theatre  Relax and enjoy a film about Alaska’s animals.

27 Jellies of Alaska Jellyfish are fascinating and efficient
predators despite being made of 95% water. View the gentle movements of Alaska’s entrancing moon jellies.

The End Of Your Tour

Haul-Out Café Enjoy a gourmet hot cocoa or cappuccino while relaxing in the Haul-Out Café at the end of your tour. Food options include freshly baked cinnamon rolls for breakfast, soup and sandwiches for lunch and hot dogs for the kids.

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clothing, books, educational toys and made-in-Alaska jewelry and artwork.

Download the pdf map: HERE (6 mb)


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