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Alaskan Salmon Education

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Grades K-3 lesson materials:

1. Salmon Sense (.pdf) - Experience the life cycle of salmon, from life in the redd to navigating back upstream using your sense of smell.

Grades 6-8 lesson materials:

1. Scientists in Action: Salmon Survivors (.pdf) - Examine the differences between salmon reared in artificial environments and wild-bred salmon.What various survival challenges do they face throughout their life cycles?

2. Scientists in Action: Creek Canaries (.pdf) - Learn how macroinvertebrates can be used as an indicator of habitat quality and how the micro-habitats along a stream can be influenced by our activities.

Campbell Creek Interpretive Trail: A project of the Municipality of Anchorage Salmon in the City initiative, this trail was developed to inspire long term community stewardship of the Campbell Creek Watershed in Anchorage.

Other Related Web Resources: Salmon Programs & Resources (.pdf)


"Crude Awakenings"

A three-part oil spill recovery curriculum developed with funding through the Prince William Sound Oil Spill Recovery Institute and the Ocean Alaska Science & Learning Center

Grades 7-12 lesson materials:

  1. Fetched Up Hard Aground (.pdf) - An overview of oil spills in Alaska and classification/characterization of oils
  2. Wildlife Rescue (.pdf) and  Wildlife Rescue Presentation (.ppt) - techniques used to rescue and rehabilitate wildlife affected by oil spills
  3. Oil Spill Response Squad (.pdf) - role play exercise for students to learn how communities respond to oil spills



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