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Stranded Birds .Stranded Birds

Fledglings and ground nesting birds may appear in trouble, when in reality they are healthy and behaving normally.

For young birds without feathers that have fallen out of a nest, attempt to locate the nest and replace the bird. The parents will continue to care for the bird even if it has been handled by human hands. Observe the nest for a few hours to see if the parents return to care for the baby.

Fledglings are young birds that have developed feathers and are ready to leave the nest, though they may appear awkward on the ground. Observe the bird for at least two hours. If a parent has not returned in that time period, it is safe to assume that the bird has been abandoned.

Be aware of ground nesting birds such as shorebirds and ducks. Chicks leave the nest after a few days and can feed on their own.

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