: Mica :
Species: Fur Seal Juvenile (Arctocephalus townsendi)

Mica was observed by boaters in Katchemak Bay, Homer. He was very lethargic and did not move when approached by the vessel. Mica was captured by Cy St-Amand and LA Holmes. Cy and LA tranported him to the SeaLife Center.

July 29: Mica arrived at the SeaLife Center. He weighs 12.4 kilograms. He does not have an obvious injuries. Blood samples were taken for analysis. Mica does not show any interest in fish so staff tubefed him.

July 31: Mica has not defecated in the past 24 hours so staff gave him medicine to assist. He continues to be tubefed. Mica is now housed in an enclosure where he has daily access to deep water. He can often be seen grooming.

August 3: Mica is now showing more interest in fish.

August 12: Staff are currently tube feeding Mica three times a day to augment his poor eating habits. Squid is his food of choice, but he is not consistently eating yet.

August 20: Mica weighs 15.1 kilograms. His appetite has increased as he now shows interest in herring and capelin.

August 28: Mica continues to eat well. Today, he ate 3232 grams of herring. He weighs 19.5 kilograms.

September 3: Mica weighs 21.6 kilograms.

September 7: Mica weighs 22.9 kilograms.

September 17: Mica ate 1400 grams of herring today.

September 20: Mica now has access to two shallow water pools. He moves well between them.

September 28: Mica was restrained today for a veterinary examination. He recovered well.

October 2: Mica is foraging well today on herring

October 7: Mica weighs 27.1 kilograms.

October 13: Results of genetics testing show that Mica is a Guadalupe fur seal (Arctocephalus townsendi) not a northern fur seal! So he is quite out of his normal range. As Seward temperatures are now below freezing at night, Mica has been brought inside to mimic temperatures that he would find in is normal southern range. The water temperature of his pool is also being increased.

October 25: Mica's travel plans are get. He will be catching a flight with Chukchi, the walrus, to California today. Once in Oakland, The Marine Mammal Center will pick him up and hold him at thier facility overnight. Plans are to release him with two other rehab Guadalupe Fur Seals off the coast of California. The ASLC would like to thank Dr. Felicia Nutter and Chris Whittier for making the late night pick up in Oakland.

October 26: Mica has been released! Today, the Marine Mammal Center took Mica and two other GFS to San Simeon, Califoria to release them. The release went great. All three spent a few minutes on the beach and then entered the water in a row. The ASLC would like to thank all the people involved in this successfull story including the efforts of The Marine Mammal Center. Mica's story is an amazing tale and opens alot of questions on how the ocean's are changing.

November 1: Currently Mica is 100km off shore and heading slightly south. Tracking maps will be made available soon.

November 10: Mica is still foraging off shore and currently 184km off the coast and slightly south of San Fransisco.


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