: Kyanite :
Species: Harbor Seal pup (Phoca vitulina)

Kyanite arrived on May 24, 2007 from Togiak, Alaska. Special thanks to Sharie Alberham for assistance in transporting the animal to the SeaLife Center. Thanks to Brad and Cassy and Pen Air for you continued support.

May 24: Kyanite is a boy. He weighs 11.7 kilograms an is under a week old as he still has an umbilicus. He appears to be in good body condition and mildly dehydrated. It was learned that Kyanite was actually born cesarean as mom was havested while pup still inside. The hunters immediately called the Bristol Bay Native Association and the ASLC.

May 26: Kyanite weighs 11.6 kilograms today. A decrease in body weight initially is normal. He currently is tube fed five times a day and receives 220 milliliters at each feed.

May 27: Kyanite moved outside to a new enclosure during the day. He actively moved in and out of a shallow water pool.

May 28: Kyanite weighs 12.0 kilograms today.

June 4: Kyanite weighs 12.2 kilograms. He is outside all day now, and moved in at night. He is currently on antibiotics based on blood parameters and high body temperatures.

June 10: Kyanite is actively tracking live fish. Ky weighs 13.4 kilograms.

June 16: Kyanite weighs 13.5 kilograms. He is being tube fed fish formula instead of harbor seal formula. He actively tracks live fish placed into the water with him.

June 24: Ky moved to a new enclosure today. He now has daily access to a pool that is approximately five feet deep. He is eating fish well on his own.

June 30: Ky continues to eat fish well on his own. Today he will eat 1750 grams.

July 6: Kyanite had his blood drawn today for a health assessment. All parameters look appropriate. He ate 1600 grams of herring spread out over four feeds.

July 13: Kyanite continues to eat fish well. He actively forages when given the chance.

July 20: Kyanite is eating fish well. He ate 1800 grams today.

July 27: Kyanite is now in a larger pool with two other seals - Agate and Garnet. He is eating well.

August 3: Kyanite continues to do well in the larger pool. Staff are mentally stimulating him by providing new objects as well as frozen ice treats.

August 12: Plans are underway for Kyanite's release in the next couple of weeks. He will be released with Agate in the area where they stranded.

August 16: Agate and Kyanite were both flown to Togiak today where they were released near Anchor Point. The SeaLife Center would like to thank John Antone and John Forsling for their local knowledge and support with the release. Special thanks to Brad and Cassy from Pen Air, Pete Abraham and Andy Aderman for logistical support, and many thanks to Helen Chythlook and the Bristol Bay Native Association for their continued support and assistance. Tracking maps of both Agate and Kyanite will follow shortly.


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