: Copper :
Species: Spotted Seal Pup (Phoca largha)

Copper arrived from King Salmon on May 17, 2007.

May 17: Copper arrived at the SeaLife Center. He appears to be approximately two weeks old as he still has some of his lanugo coat. Copper has a large laceration approximately four inches long and two inches wide on his lower belly. He also has an old wound by his right eye. He was tubed fluids and his wound was thoroughly cleaned.

May 18: Copper's bloodwork indicates that he has a low albumin level which could be due to inadequate nutrition.

May 19: Copper continues to take antibiotics and began a pain killer today as well. Both medications are crushed up, mixed with fluids, and fed to him through tube feeding.

May 20: Staff are viligently cleaning Copper's wound five times a day with betadine to prevent infection. Copper weighs 8.9 kilograms.

May 21: Copper is now being fed 100% harbor seal formula. He spends his days and nights inside the building housed in a large tote. He swam twice today for brief ten minute intervals.

May 26: Copper is now swimming in deeper water prior to each of his five feeds a day. He is actively tracking fish and often takes them into his mouth. He has not yet swallowed one.

May 27: This morning, Copper had his blood taken to determine if parameters were appropriate for surgery on his wound. His albumin level is still too low for surgery.

June 4: Copper weighs 12.7 kilograms. Copper continues to track fish well and even ate one small piece.

June 11: Copper weighs 15.1 kilograms. Before each feed, Copper swims in his tote with live fish to encourage him to eat on his own.

June 17: As Copper's wound has healed well, surgery has been cancelled. He is now being tubed fish formula instead of harbor seal formula. He weighs 16.0 kilograms.

June 22: Copper is now being force fed whole herring in the hopes that he will learn to swallow fish on his own. Once he can do that, he will be one step closer to release. His wound continues to heal well.

June 30: Copper now resides in an outdoor enclosure with water access all day and night. He continues to be force fed as he will not eat fish on his own.

July 9: Copper has made progress on eating fish and now will eat almost whole pieces on his own.

July 10: Veterinarians determined that Copper's wound would heal better with surgery. Copper was given a sedative then put under anesthesia. The wound was sutured together.

July 13: The wound appears to be healing well. Staff are keeping Copper in a smaller tote to reduce his movement as the wound heals.

July 21: Copper ate 2000 grams of fish. He weighs 17.8 kilograms when he is wet.

July 27: Copper ate 2120 grams of fish.

August 3: Copper ate 2130 grams of fish.

August 12: Copper has moved into our largest pool and shares the area with Kyanite, Agate, and Garnet. He actively forages well with the other seals.

August 22: Copper's blood was taken today. Veterinarians looked at his wound as well. The wound continues to contract and the edges look good. He weighs 25.8 kilograms.

August 24: Water enrichment today! Hoses and sprinklers were turned on. Cooper was interested in and played with the water.

August 30: Copper shared a floating toy with another seal today.

September 5: Salmon oil was spread over the deck in his enclosure for enrichment, but he did not show any interest in it.

September 9: Copper weighs 36.1 kilograms.

September 14: Copper was flipper tagged today. He wears tag #76 in his left hind flipper.

September 20: Copper was released today with Jet in Naknek.


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