: Agate :
Species: Spotted Seal Pup (Phoca largha)

Agate was observed on a beach in Togiak alone and being threatened by eagles which was then rescued by Gerald Thomas under the authorization of the Alaska SeaLife Center. The seal was flown to Anchorage courtesy of Aaron Parker and Pen Air. Alaska SeaLife Center staff picked the animal up in Anchorge and returned to Seward.

April 30: Agate arrived at the SeaLife Center. He weighs 8.5 kilograms. Agate still has his lanugo coat. He appears to be two weeks old.

May 2: Agate was tube fed 1200 milliliters of a mixture of electrolytes and a special seal formula today.

May 3: Agate's lanugo coat is almost gone now revealing a sleak coat underneath.

May 5: Agate was tube fed 1500 milliliters of seal formula. He weighs 8.7 kilograms.

May 8: Agate ate fish on his own today!

May 12: Agate weighs 10.5 kilograms.

May 13: Agate ate 1100 grams of herring.

May 21: Agate weighs 11.8 kilograms today. He is now spending his days in an enclosure that has both pool and deck space. He forages well on small herring five times a day.

May 27: Agate weighs 12.8 kilograms. He now spends his days and nights outside in an enclosure. Water access is closed off at night. His appetite and attitude are strong.

June 2: Agate weighs 13.8 kilograms. His condition has improved even more an dnow does not need a heating pad in his enclosure at night.

June 10: Agate has moved to a much larger pool. He is able to haul in and out of the water well.

June 14: Agate weighs 16.8 kilograms. He is eating 1700 grams of herring each day. He now has access to water 24 hours a day.

June 19: Agate weighs 18.4 kilograms. He continues to do well in a deep pool.

June 30: Agate is very interested in his new next door neighbor - Copper. The animals are able to see each other through a fence. Agate weighs 20.9 kilograms.

July 10: Agate weighs 24.2 kilograms. He ate 2040 grams of herring over four feeds. Plans are being finalized for his release back to the wild.

July 18: Agate weighs 25.5 kilograms. He ate 2040 grams of herring.

July 24: Agate weighs 27.6 kilograms. Today, he met two new seals - Kyanite and Garnet. All three seals now reside in the same pool.

July 30: Agate and his poolmates continue to do well.

August 3: Agate shared 6000 grams of fish today with his three poolmates.

August 12: Plans are underway for Agate's release in the next two weeks. He will be released with Kyanite in the area where they stranded.

August 16: Agate and Kyanite were both flown to Togiak today where they were both released near Anchor Point. The ASLC would like to thank John Antone and John Forsling for their local knowledge and support with the release. Thank you Pen Air, Pete Abraham and Andy Aderman for logistical support and many thanks to Helen Chythlook and the Bristol Bay Native Association for all your continued support and assistance. Tracking maps of both Agate and Kyanite will follow shortly.


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