Marine Invasive Species Workshop March 2nd-4th, 2010

The Alaska SeaLife Center hosted the Marine Invasive Species Workshop on March 2nd-4th, 2010. The Workshop was a joint effort among the Alaska Invasive Species Working Group to identify key concerns and recommend priorities to address marine invasive species issues in Alaska. The event brought together representatives of agencies and organizations working with marine invasive species in Alaska, California, Washington, Hawaii, and British Columbia. The group shared technical presentations and discussed the status of marine invasive species in Alaska, the state’s policy and organization related to invasive species management (including the status of introduced state legislation to establish an Alaska Invasive Species Council), and the potential impacts of marine invasive species on Alaska’s commercial, recreation, and subsistence economies. A report of the Workshop outcome and action plans and expert presentations are provided in the below links. This was a huge success to the progression of marine invasive species work in Alaska and collaboration with Alaska’s neighbors!!

Marine Invasive Species Workshop Report

Marin Invasive Species Workshop Report Errata

Expert Presentations (contact each presenter directly for questions)

- Keynote Address – Coastal Marine Invasions: Patterns and Processes, Greg Ruiz

- Aquatic Invasive Species Management in British Columbia and Canada, Leif-Matthias Herborg

- Citizen Science: Monitoring Invasive Tunicates in Alaska, Linda McCann

- Tunicates: How Many Will End Up in Alaska?, Sarah Cohen

- Alaska Spartina Prevention, Detection and Response Plan, Gino Graziano

- United States Ballast Water Management Program, Lt. Robert Fields

- Alaska’s Aquatic Nuisance Species Management Plan, Tammy Davis

- Hawaii’s Invasive Species Programs, Mindy Wilkinson

- Insights from Other State Plans, Bill Tweit

- Marine Invasive Species: Global Insights, Stas Burgiel