Roundup for Wildlife Response
September 10, 2023 - September 16, 2023

The ASLC’s Wildlife Response Program facilitates important research, provides disaster readiness, rescues and rehabilitates animals in need, and raises empathy and awareness for marine life across the globe. Your donation is vital in helping us continue and expand these mission objectives.

When: Sunday, September 10 through Saturday, September 16, 2023 (ending at 8 p.m.)

Every donation of $25 or more to the ASLC Wildlife Response Program will receive a limited edition sticker as a testament to your support! Check back for a donation link starting Sunday, September 10.

As the only institution in Alaska authorized to rehabilitate marine mammals, the ASLC is the best hope of survival for many injured, stranded, and abandoned animals. Under the care of our wildlife response team, many species (including sea otters, seals, beluga calves, walrus calves, fur seals, and countless bird patients) have been given a second lease on life.


Our team also studies deceased marine animals to better understand the cause of death and gain insight into the health of Alaskan wildlife populations.


In addition to covering the live animal response and care during the ‘busy’ summer season from May to September, the Wildlife Response Program plays a critical role in responding to oil spills and other environmental hazards that may pose a threat to local wildlife. Our team remains in a ready state year-round to provide basic oiled wildlife care for affected animals, and deploy mobile treatment and rehabilitation enclosures.

As climate destabilization threatens the health of our oceans and the life it harbors, the importance of our mission work grows. Continued funding bolsters our ability to address and respond to ocean changes as they occur, and ensures that irreplaceable arctic species (and the people that care for them) have a place in Alaska’s future. On behalf of the ASLC, our passionate wildlife response staff, and the ocean life they protect and nurture — we thank you for your donation.


Our program operates under permits and agreements issued by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and US Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS) 


International donations: please donate through our general donations page and select "wildlife response."
This will still count towards the Roundup for Wildlife Response campaign!


Tune in for a week of inspiring wildlife response stories on the ASLC social media pages from September 10 - 16, 2023! Please follow us on social media to learn more about this important program and help sustain this incredible work for years to come. 


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