Virtual Visits

Starting September 29 at 11:00 am (AKDT) join us for FREE weekly Virtual Visits.

Virtual Visits bring you an inside look at the animals and staff that contribute every day to the mission of the Alaska SeaLife Center. Whether you consider yourself an ASLCamateur or "a-fish-ionado," there is always something to discover! 


Streaming live on our YouTube channel every Wednesday at 11 AM (AKDT):

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Virtual Visits are made possible from generous support from Royal Caribbean Group and Alaska Travel Industry Association Foundation. 





Small Fry School

Explore the wonders of Alaska!
Join us for a FREE virtual program for you and your preschooler.
Each program will feature a new topic, story time, and activities for you and your child.
Streaming live on our YouTube channel:
Tuesdays at 11 AM (AKDT) September 14 - May 10 (no program December 21 & 28)
Don't miss an episode! Subscribe to our YouTube channel and watch new and previously aired episodes!
Small Fry School is made possible from the generous support from Alaska 529.
Prepare for This Month's Small Fry Programs: 
October 19: Shark Senses
Activity: Shark Counting
Materials: Shark counting PDF, something to write with
Activity for the Week: 
Animal Exploration: Look for different animals around your home and count how many you see!
October 26: Flatfish
Activity: Burlap Flatfish
Materials: Burlap (or print out this flatfish PDF), scissors, markers or colored pencils 
Activity for the week:
Want to know what a flatfish feels like? With the help of your adult, put some dish soap between your fingers and rub them. What do you feel? Does it feel slimy? This is how a flatfish feels! Flatfish are slimy because the slime protects them. Can you think of other slimy animals?
November 2: Salmon and their Life Cycle
Activity: Salmon Says!
Materials: Play-Doh
Activity for the week:
What is your favorite animal? With the help of your adult, identify their body parts! How do they eat? How do they move? Where do they live? 

Both programs will be FREE on our YouTube channel.

Teachers & Groups, please visit our Distance Learning page to find out about group programs.