Outreach Programs

NOTICE:  We are operating at a very limited capacity, but we are happy to receive outreach program requests.  Please give as much advance notice as possible so we have the best chance of accommodating your reservation.

Invite us to your classroom! Let a dynamic staff member from the Alaska SeaLife Center come to your classroom and present fun, hands-on programs designed to get kids interested in the ocean world around them.  We offer a variety of unique learning experiences for youth in grades K-12, all of which are sure to keep kids excited about science!  

Outreach Programs are available year-round and must be booked at least 30 days in advance.


To register for an Outreach Program, download the Outreach registration form and return it via e-mail or fax.


   1st session = $300.00  

   Additional sessions = $200.00 each (same location, same day)  

We can accommodate up to 35 students per session.

TRAVEL FEES: In addition to the program cost, mileage costs are added for travel outside of Seward. Please contact us for details. Travel fees become more cost effective when multiple sessions are booked together.

Outreach Program Descriptions

Program Name

Grade Levels

Program Description

Seashore Survivors


Become an intertidal creature and learn what it takes to live in this challenging habitat. Students review these amazing creatures’ adaptations thru a multimedia presentation, hands-on sticker activity, and fun role-playing dress up!

Beaks, Bubbles, & Burrows


Discover the many unique adaptations that allow Alaska's beautiful diving seabirds to master both sea and sky. Students review these adaptations by building their very own tufted puffin with clay.

Marine Mammal Adaptations


How are marine mammals able to live in Alaska's cold waters? Understand these animals better with our hands-on activities! Students review the adaptations of these amazing mammals by building their own clay harbor seal.

Ocean Animal Perceptions


How do marine animals sense the world around them? How can you ‘smell’ underwater? How can you ‘see’ without using your eyes? Students will discover these other ways of knowing by participating in ‘senses-on’  activities that illustrate these amazing adaptations.



What mysterious animals inhabit the ocean's depths? Investigate the bizarre adaptations of light-producers in the midnight zone and create actual bioluminescence!

NOTE: This program requires a room that can be completely darkened, ideally with no windows at all.

Cephalopods: The Jet Set


Get your hands into a "head-footed" animal as we learn more about cephalopods through a squid dissection and discussion!

Watching Walrus


Get on the front lines of Global Climate Change as we learn how habitat changes are affecting Alaska’s walrus population today. Students will employ the scientific method to develop their own research strategies then follow Alaska SeaLife Center researchers to find out what method really works in the field to watch walrus. Hands- & feet-on activities get students up and moving and working in groups!

Scientists in Action: Veterinarian


How do vets care for stranded or injured marine animals? Get an insider's view of the Alaska SeaLife Center's Wildlife Response and Rehabilitation program. Students will work in groups to ‘care for’ patients in this inter-disciplinary, hands-on program.

The Scoop on Poop


Why are the Steller sea lions disappearing? Analyze the scat of these endangered animals to search for clues regarding their dramatic decline. Students will employ the scientific method to develop their own research strategies.

Additional Information

If you have questions about our Outreach Programs, please e-mail us at outreach@alaskasealife.org or call (907) 224-6306.