Virtual Teacher Workshop Series:  November 3-18, 2020

Teachers learn about clam biosampling at the Changing Tides workshop

We're excited to announce this fall's virtual teacher workshop series at the Alaska SeaLife Center!  Through our partnership with the National Park Service, we will show teachers in grades K-12 some of the remote learning opportunities that exist at Alaska's National Parks and the Alaska SeaLife Center. Each session will be tailored to specific grade levels and will include 45 minutes of program content followed by 45 minutes of discussion & collaboration with teachers and guest speakers.

These virtual workshops are free of charge for teachers, but pre-registration is required.  All sessions will be delivered through Zoom meetings, so you can join from anywhere!

Register for each session separately:

 Tuesday, November 3   •    3:30-5:00pm                                  Grades K-2

Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve - Visiting Glacier Bay

Denali National Park and Preserve - Denali’s Dinosaurs

Alaska SeaLife Center - Beaks, Bubbles & Burrows

November 3 registration link

 Wednesday, November 4   •    3:30-5:00pm                           Grades 3-5

Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve:  Let’s Go Whale Watching in Glacier Bay

Denali National Park and Preserve:  The Science of Sled Dogs

Alaska SeaLife Center:  Marine Mammal Adaptations

November 4 registration link

 Tuesday, November 10   •    3:30-5:00pm                               Grades 3-5

Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve:  Survivor Glacier Bay

Kenai Fjords National Park: Glacier Detectives

Alaska SeaLife Center:  Eat or Be Eaten in Alaska

November 10 registration link

 Thursday, November 12   •    3:30-5:00pm                            Grades 6-8

Lake Clark National Park and Preserve: The Lives of Inland Brown Bears at Lake Clark

Kenai Fjords National Park: Listening To the Ice

Alaska SeaLife Center:  Living in the Ring of Fire

November 12 registration link

 Tuesday, November 17   •    3:30-5:00pm                               Grades 6-8

Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve:  The Power of Glaciers

Alaska SeaLife Center:  Cephalopods: Squid Dissection

November 17 registration link

 Wednesday, November 18   •    3:30-5:00pm                        Grades 9-12

Alaska SeaLife Center:  The Scoop on Poop

Alaska SeaLife Center:  Sea Lion Monitoring

Alaska SeaLife Center:  Watching Walrus!

November 18 registration link


In case you didn't already know...  Alaska teachers always receive free general admission to the Alaska SeaLife Center - just present a teacher ID or pay stub at the ticket counter!