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In Antarctica, every day is a work day! If weather permits, the team is up early prepping their gear. Then it's out to the ice for a day of tagging or recapturing seals. When weather conditions are poor, the team spends their time catching up on lab work, downloading data, and maintaining equipment.

Watch the video below to learn more about what daily life was like for one of the researchers on this project.


John Skinner discusses his daily routine as part of the team working with Weddell seals in Antarctica. (4:21)

Video Transcript

Once back at the station at the end of the day, there's more work to be done. Scientists examine their data, sort and store samples, and clean and repack their gear. Finally, it's time to head to the dining hall, then off to bed to rest up for another day. Scientists come to Antarctica ready to work hard - and the team will continue this daily routine for nearly two months!

When the summer melt makes working conditions on the sea ice unsafe, it's time to pack up and return home. Once back in their labs, the science team can finally sit down and begin the process of interpreting their results.

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Antarctic map

  RECAPTURE (v) - to capture an animal again
  INTERPRET (v) - to find the meaning of something