Winter FISHtival kicks-off at the Alaska SeaLife Center
January 2, 2017

Seward, Alaska (January 3, 2017)– The Alaska SeaLife Center is pleased to kick-off 2017 with Winter FISHtival! Each Saturday during the month of January the Center will offer special family friendly activities led by animal care experts and educators. All activities are included in the cost of admission and free to members.

Winter FISHtival Saturday events include: Magnify Magic, Underwater Adventure, and a Deep Diving Seabird Scatter Feeding. Step up to the microscope for a really close look at some of the smallest and most fascinating sea animals. Join our educators in the underwater viewing area to do the seal hop and learn more about sea lions and seals! See some high-speed, deep diving seabird action and find out how these birds are specially adapted for under-sea foraging.

Additionally, each week we will highlight a special marine animal or group of marine animals:

Saturday, January 7: Weird fish

With over 80 species of fish from Alaska in our aquariums, some of them are just bound to be a little more weird, a little more cool! Our aquarists are excited to show you some of the weirdest, coolest fish in our aquariums. You will learn more about what makes these fish special and how our team takes care of these amazing animals!  

Saturday, January 14: Wolf eels

Observe our dive team conduct an underwater feeding of a six foot long wolf eel! Our aquarists and educators will be on hand as we watch the dive team feed the adult wolf eel that lives in a rocky den in our two-story 95,000 gallon aquarium. Next we will head upstairs to observe a feeding of two young wolf eels living in our Kelp Forest tank. Learn about these amazing animals that have fang shaped teeth and an impressive bite force for pulverizing prey - but are typically friendly to divers and can be trained to feed on command.

Saturday, January 21: Jellies, nudibranchs, sea cucumbers and other squishy things

Join our aquarists and educators to explore the amazing and diverse world of invertebrates. Join the team as we look for newest arrivals in our tanks, observe a feeding and learn more about how we take care of these unique animals.

Saturday, January 28: Incredible octopus

Meet Gilligan, a giant Pacific octopus in our Octo Grotto and learn more about one of the most intelligent members of the marine world. Our aquarists and educators will share their knowledge about these animals and then we will head up to our research theater to observe a feeding of two younger animals.

The Alaska SeaLife Center is open daily during the winter 12 noon - 5 p.m. We offer discounts for Alaska residents, seniors and U.S. military. All Winter FISHtival activities are included in the cost of admission and free to members. For more information on WinterFISHtival Saturdays, visit the Alaska SeaLife Center on Facebook or

Special winter hotel rates are available at Hotel 360, Breeze Inn and Hotel Seward. For additional information on hotels and restaurants in Seward, contact the Seward Chamber of Commerce at 907-224-8051 or

About the ASLC

Opened in 1998, the Alaska SeaLife Center operates as a private, non-profit research institution and public aquarium. It generates and shares scientific knowledge to promote understanding and stewardship of Alaska’s marine ecosystems. The ASLC is an accredited member of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. To learn more, visit  

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