Alaska SeaLife Center Announces Chief Operating Officer
September 24, 2018

The Alaska SeaLife Center (ASLC) is pleased to announce that Chip Arnold has been appointed Chief Operating Officer (COO).

Arnold joined ASLC 17 years ago in the IT department, but has served the Center in many ways from facilities to oiled wildlife response. “It has been very satisfying to me to be able to participate in a wide variety of operational roles at the Center. I feel honored to be trusted with this new position, and I look forward to the challenges and responsibility the role of Chief Operating Officer will bring. Working with the Alaska SeaLife Center has given me the opportunity to make a positive difference for Alaska’s marine environment, to share the ideal of stewardship, and work every day with amazing people who are all dedicated to our mission,” Arnold states.

Arnold was promoted to COO from his most recent position as Operations Director. In this new position, Arnold will be in charge of daily ASLC operations and oversee Human Resources, Husbandry, and Operations (Life Support, Security, and Custodial). He will also continue to serve as the Dive Safety Officer and manage Oiled Wildlife Response Programs. Tara Riemer, ASLC President and CEO expressed, “When it comes to staff relations, decision making, problem resolution, and timely deliveries, Chip's performance has always been exceptional. I am thrilled to be working with Chip in his new role.” 

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