It breaks our hearts to share this difficult news: based on our current projections, the Alaska SeaLife Center may be forced to permanently close its doors at the end of this summer. If this happens, we'll have to send the animals to other facilities, lay off our staff, and close the building.

We are anguished to even contemplate this outcome, but it's a very real possibility. This is why we are coming to you today to ask for your help - because it's not too late to prevent the Center from closing.

Here are some things you can do today to help:

Membership is the best way to support the Alaska SeaLife Center.


No donation is too small - everything helps. If half of Alaskans donate $10 each, the Center will be saved.


Use this tool to host a virtual fundraiser.


We'd love to "sea" you!

Online reservations for tickets are strongly encouraged.

See how the business community is helping to save the Alaska SeaLife Center.

Thank you to all guests and members, past, present, and future, for helping to ensure the Center's mission work continues.

Today, I ask all of you who have come to value the Center's mission work and contributions to Alaska's marine ecosystems, to help save the Alaska Sealife Center.  We understand that this is a hard time for all, but we need your support now so we can be here for you tomorrow. 

Tara L Riemer
Tara L Riemer
President and CEO