Alaska SeaLife Center Showcases Research with New Science Exhibit
July 23, 2019

Seward, Alaska (July 23, 2019) – Summertime fun is in full swing at the Alaska SeaLife Center (ASLC) with new exhibits and experiences for visitors. A new science exhibit offers an interactive way for guests to learn how ASLC researchers conduct studies of Alaska’s ocean

Walking through the exhibit, visitors will learn how their ticket to the Center helps support scientific discovery, part of the core mission work of ASLC. “This summer we are highlighting the newest horizons of science that our research team is exploring–specifically the ones related to using technology to understand animals in their natural habitats,” states Dr. Amy Bishop, Assistant Science Dept. Head. This new exhibit provides hands-on opportunities to learn more about how telemetry tags and different sensors help ASLC researchers know where animals are going and what they are doing when they are below the ocean surface.

A visitor favorite part of the display is the thermal imaging camera. The camera’s image appears on a large screen and visitors can see what a thermal image of their body looks like. This type of sensor is used for a variety of studies like assessing animal health or monitoring ocean temperatures. Guests are encouraged to write questions to ASLC researchers after observing the exhibit. Questions are then answered via the 60 North Science blog or on ASLC’s Facebook.

This exhibit, designed by Senior Education Manager, Jeff Dillon and Lead Exhibit Designer, Ricky Deel, will be updated regularly to reflect the most recent and cutting-edge science at ASLC. This summer, the exhibit highlights research projects investigating habitat use and survival of endangered Steller sea lions and Pacific sleeper sharks. Visitors might also get the chance to see the shark science in action as Senior Research Scientist, Dr. Markus Horning and Dr. Amy Bishop aim to bring sharks to the Center for an innovative study.


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