Rescue & Rehab Journal

No mom in sight

June, 19th 2015

This seal pup was seen at a cannery in Naknek. Fishermen had been watching the pup for a couple of days with no other seals in sight. With proper authorization, the pup was transported to ASLC for rehabilitation. A big thanks for PenAir for donating the flight to Anchorage!

Initial exam

June, 20th 2015

The female pup was thoroughly examined by staff veterinarians at the Alaska SeaLife Center. She is emaciated, severely dehydrated and has an umbilical infection, and will begin a round of antibiotics immediately.

Strong enough to swim

June, 30th 2015

This little pup has regained a good amount of strength and had her first swim today. Her swim was in a few inches of warmed salt water.  She is now eating fish from tongs under the surface of the water to decrease association of fish with humans. 

Eating independently

July, 3rd 2015

The pup is gaining weight well and has officially started to eat fish on her own - she is making great improvements!

Sunny summer

July, 13th 2015

The weather has been wonderful, so staff have been giving the harbor seal pups some time outside during the day to get some much needed sunshine.


July, 24th 2015

This pup was given the name Finneas by some wonderful Shell supporters. She had her first night with unrestricted water access.  It was a beautiful night with great weather so the perfect time to take this step. She is looking great! 

Growing steady

August, 12th 2015

Finneas has been doing wonderful with her continual water access. She had routine blood work taken to ensure she was healthy enough to join other seals in a larger pool. Socializing with other seals will help her to be successful in the wild.

Good progress

August, 28th 2015

The pup is progressing well as she continues to grow and move closer to release.

Release day!

October, 1st 2015

Finneas has done great in the rehabilitation process! She has passed all health exams and today she will be RELEASED!! She will be released in King Salmon with her two pool mates. What a rewarding day!


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