Rescue & Rehab Journal

January, 5 2016

June, 3rd 2016

When approximately 5 months old, male northern sea otter pup EL 1603 was found at Mud Bay in Homer, Alaska and brought into Alaska SeaLife Center’s Wildlife Response Program on January 5, 2016. Later named Macaq (maw chuck), which is the Alutiiq word for sun, this pup suffered from intestinal irritation due to the poor diet he was scavenging, as he lacked maternal care. The types of food available to these animals can vary and diet is very important for the health of a young otter pup. Due to the quality food provided by the response program, Macaq was able to adjust to a more appropriate diet and gain weight in just two weeks. He has adapted quite well to human care and is awaiting permanent placement by the US Government.


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